Amanda Knox – The Case for Innocence video

This is a video of an event held last week at Seattle University and organised by Friends of Amanda Knox. Main problem with it is that it’s nearly two hours long. If the Friends want to a actually influence public opinion with this, maybe they’ll do an edited version at some point. It’s interesting enough if you’re really into the case but, as you would expect, it’s not exactly what you would call an unbiased overview if you want to get a basic understanding of what the case is about.

I’m planning to blog some brief comments on what is said by each of the speakers. So stay tuned.


4 Responses to Amanda Knox – The Case for Innocence video

  1. Walter says:

    That panel was one-sided.

    And look at the crowd: 40 or so students (that had to be there) and 40 or so old, bald guys.

    That’s not much of a turn out in Amanda’s hometown (a city with a metro population over 3 million).

    I think, for the most part, Seattleites aren’t buying what Amanda’s PR team is selling.

  2. Michelle Moore says:

    You can be held in prison for up to a year before the first thing happens. That’s the law in Italy. No lie.

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