Most inappropriate Amanda Knox coverage

I just had to post this.

Oggi is an Italian magazine that has probably been Amanda Knox’s biggest media supporter in Italy during her appeal. This week’s edition naturally carries the news that Amanda is free. And, I’m guessing, the tiny circle you can see just above her name is the Italian guy.

But do you get the feeling that the people who do the cover and the people who do the cover-mounted gifts should talk to each other more?


8 Responses to Most inappropriate Amanda Knox coverage

  1. Lynden Hall says:


  2. Sara says:

    Are they really so stupid or are they trying to be funny in some twisted way. It’s unbelievable.

  3. Julia says:

    Sorry Maundy, but I disagree with your “inappropriate” title, I think it’s most appropriate. I never thought I would ever say this about the weekly OGGI magazine, but this time BRAVO! I wonder is the knife-set on offer for this Amanda Knox coverage of the ‘Marietti’ brand and would the OGGI page make it into her scrapbook along all the souvenirs pictures taken by her family on the day the GUILTY verdict was announced?

  4. JanCorey says:

    Good for Amanda, sounds much like the Hustler offer to Casey Anthony. Maybe Amanda and Casey can team up together to do a special on victims of the criminal justice systems.

  5. cjp says:

    Maundy, respectfully, please write a new blog soon. Regardless the content, I hate being assaulted with pictures of the ‘youngster’.
    Bring back the dignified, calm Kerchers. PLEASE.

  6. Allison says:

    I read yesterday that Deanna’s request for some peace for the family was following an instruction from their PR ‘mastermind’, they were told to lie low. Apparently the term is ‘go dark’ in the PR world. I just had to post this excellent comment from TJMK by a poster called Kermit.

    “It seems that her family has set up a ‘preventative damage’ wall, not so much to stop the world getting to Amanda (which they need them to do to get the $$$’s to pay off the PR campaign) but to prevent Amanda getting to the outside world and being herself.”

    Ironic really, she was in prison in Italy, and now she’s in a prison of her own making. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

    • How can you be certain that the Knox PR group were ever told them such things you are only surmising this. That Pr firm was only lined up to take charge of the personal appearances for the Knox family who were inundated with interview request that they could not handle themselves. This understandable as this was a very high profile case and everybody wanted a piece of them in no particular order. They would have been running around the world like chickens with their heads cut off. Open up your mind before you make such stupid statements. Do you not understand their need for privacy? They have been front page news all around the world for 4 years. I the Italian tabloids and British ones have hung a job on there reputation. There will be no way to get out from under this onslaught of lies put out to rags by the prosecution. Think before you write stupid things.

  7. Bill says:

    Maundy,would love to see some new posts from you after today’s ruling. I always thought you had some of the most incisive commentary on the case anywhere.

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